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    Get instant power, anywhere. This beast can back up your home or power a campsite without breaking a sweat. Customize it to fit your needs.

    Easy Refills.

    Accu-Fill™ feature provides safe, easy refilling – and less spilling – with angled fuel inlet.

    Extra Engine Protection.

    Oil Sentry™ automatically shuts engine down in low-oil conditions.


    When properly used, it’s equipped to meet OSHA requirements.

    Easy Reminders.

    Maintenance Minder displays hours of run time and lights up to remind you of oil/spark plug/filter changes.

    GCFI Outlets.

    Ground-fault circuit interrupter detects unbalanced electrical current and safely shuts down power.

    Safeguards Your Investment.

    Automatic voltage regulator keeps voltage consistent to avoid surges or other damage.



    Max Power: 7.5 kW

    Continuous Power: 6.3 kW

    Receptacles/Outlets: 120V 20A Duplex (2) - 120V 30A Locking

     - 120/240V 30A Locking

    AC Output: 120/240 V 7500 max (62.5/ 31.2A) 6300

    continuous (52.5/26.2A)

    DC Output: NA

    Run Time @ Half load: 12 hrs

    Sound level @ 7m per ISO8528: 78.2 - 79.7 dBA

    Frequency: 60 Hz

    Safety/Protection: GFCI - AVR

    Compliance: Not California Compliant

    Customization: Yes

    Accu-Fill: Yes

    Auto Idle Down: No

    Maintenance Minder: Yes

    Hour Meter: Yes

    Oil Sentry™: Yes

    Fuel Gauge: Yes

    Engine Displacement: 429 cc

    Engine Oil Capacity: 1.3 L

    Starting: Recoil

    Fuel Type: Gas

    Fuel Tank Capacity: 8.0 gal

    Dimensions (LxWxH): 29.4 x 21.4 x 22.3 in.

    Weight: 199 lbs

    Commercial Warranty: 3 Year

    Consumer Warranty: 3 Year


Starting at $1,181.90 MSRP

Not California Compliant

Max Power: 7.5 kW

Continuous Power: 6.3 kW

Fuel Type: Gas


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U-Spec Custom Options

Custom options let you build your generator any way you want it. Seven universal kits add up to more than 100 custom configurations.

  • Auto-locking hand truck handle kit
  • Wheelbarrow handle kit
  • Wheel kit
  • Leg kit
  • Lifting kit
  • Cord management kit
  • Isolator kit
  • 12v battery charging kit

*Bold Electric LLC has purchased the business assets of Advanced Electrical Co.

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