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On Cue Monitoring

OnCue generator monitoring is a revolutionary service for your standby generator. Whether at home or on the go, you’re in control. With the OnCue system, you can manage your Kohler generator system, remotely    control items in your home, receive updates via text or email, view real-time power operation and  more – from anywhere in the world.



Text  messages or email updates –  immediate notifications sent to your smartphone

View entire system on one screen– genset, automatic transfer switch, Load Control Module (LCM), and programmable interface module

Start/stop control from your computer

Time-stamped history of starts, stops, faults and notifications

Automatic control of home when generator set is paired with a Programmable Interface Module (PIM) – remotely turn on or off appliances, outdoor lighting,
storm shutters, etc.


If a monitored generator requires attention (such as low battery voltage, low coolant, oil or fuel) a Bold Generators service technician can be notified via Internet.  The technician can connect to your generator and determine the severity of the problem and notify the customer of the issue if necessary. A qualified technician can then be dispatched to repair your generator. Bold Generators will receive any notification that is sent to our platinum and gold clients. The fee for onCue installation is one time only.

A BRIEF VIDEO EXPLAING THE OnCue Monitoring system

*Bold Electric LLC has purchased the business assets of Advanced Electrical Co.

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